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Italy yoga retreat with Kimberly Wharton by One Yoga Global

Since her first on-camera experience - her birth on PBS - Kim has grown. As a very young child she realized it was quite possible that her family hated her, since they decided to move to Alabama. She now thinks it's possibly still true since they always ask her to ride in the car with her Grandparents whenever they visit (they're 85). Where was I, oh yes... Kimberly grew and grew in Birmingham, AL, attending the Alabama School of Fine Arts in theater for 6 yrs, winning a NFAA scholarship, and finally left the country for the Boston Conservatory, where she would experience coldness like never before, plus really great baseball. (Oh, I should be clear that I meant "country" as in the opposite of "city". Boston is still within the Continental United States.) Anyway, Kimberly went on to tour with several National Tours including Grease, Footloose, and Titanic. After working in NYC for several years, she yearned for the sun and trees that didn't only exist in strategically placed parks. She now resides in Austin, TX.

Kimberly Wharton
Kimberly Wharton Kimberly Wharton
Kimberly Wharton Kimberly Wharton Kimberly Wharton